Obedient Unto Death

Book club questions and resources

Obedient Unto Death

Book club questions and resources

A letter from Liisa Eyerly

Dear lovers of books,


I am ecstatic that you have chosen to spend your valuable time to read Obedient unto Death. I trust these questions will generate stimulating dialogue, exciting discoveries, thoughtful analysis, and most importantly, fun and enjoyment with your friends and fellow readers.


Obedient unto Death combines two passions, my love of mystery novels and my non-stop questioning in Bible study. Some of the characters and subplots were inspired while listening to sermons, digging up fascinating research facts, immersing myself in Turkey travel sites and videos, and crafting “What if…” scenarios.


I hope your venture into ancient Ephesus delights you with captivating characters who live, love, and die in that distant and exotic place and time.


I hope you enjoy this Obedient unto Death book club kit — Blessings, Liisa

Character refresher

Sabinus household

Sabina – our sleuth, a member of the church, only child of Catius

Amisi – Sabina’s childhood nurse

Zarmig – Catius’s freedman bodyguard

Catius Sabinus – powerful Roman magistrate, Sabina’s father


Church members

Benjamin – murder victim

Apollos – Bishop of the congregation, confesses to the murder

Portia –the church is hosted at her home, Sabina’s best friend

Livia – teenage widow, friend of Benjamin

Marcella – new convert, wife of Davos the silversmith, daughter is Davonia

Magnus – rival of Benjamin,


Work associates

Rufus – Benjamin’s fellow scribe

Valerius- owner of the scriptorium where Benjamin worked



Yechiel – Benjamin’s brother

Davos – Silversmith married to Marcella, Benjamin’s landlord

Marcus- Merchant trader from Rome, courting Sabina