I am writing in between snowstorms, windstorms, rainstorms, airplane cancellations, re-bookings, delays, and hopefully no

mudslides as we travel on Amtrak from Seattle to Portland. Raise your hand if you can relate. God is good, and we made it to see the kids (what do you call adult children?) and grandkids.

For those of you following me on facebook, I will be moving my posts and updates to an official author page. Please follow me there to keep up with the latest writing and travel updates. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088924041829


Thank you, thank you, and thank you to everyone who supported, purchased, and read “Obedient unto Death.” The investment in time and effort (10 years worth), not knowing if anything would come from it, was a huge prayer-filled leap of faith. The response from friends – old and new, relatives and readers I don’t know who read the book and responded made it worth it and motivated me to write book two, “Fortunes of Death.” “Fortunes of Death” is almost done. I know – I’ve been saying that since August – but as I mentioned before, certain characters (the fortune teller, Marcus, and the gladiator) are adding their own twists. It can be an author’s dream come true when characters come to life, and you can hear them speaking in your head; it can turn into a wrestling match when they say things that take the story in a completely different direction. However, it usually makes the story better and worth the extra revision time. And after two years of writing, I’m way ahead of book one.

John and I got Covid the day before last May’s research/vacation trip to Turkey. Thank you, TutkuTours.com, for giving me credit to use on this spring’s trip. In March, we will attempt our third try to get to Turkey and Ephesus. I’m so excited that I won’t be sleeping for the whole month before. I will update and share posts and pictures of the “Seven Churches of Revelation Tour” on my webpage, liisaeyerly.com and my author page.

I had so much fun presenting and meeting book club members this year, both virtual and in-person. If anyone would like an author discussion and question and answer session on “Obedient unto Death,” let me know.

Here’s to the new year!