Our first stop after Istanbul will be Perga in the southwestern province of Antalya. (285 miles west of last weekend’s earthquake in the central Nigde province.) 

Photo by Saffron Blaze  

Although not one of the Seven Churches of Revelation. Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark entered Asia Minor through Perga on Paul’s first missionary journey. (Acts13:13)  A unique and prominent feature of this Roman city is the long central water channel in the center of the main street which contained a series of cascading pools and which would be amazing even today. 

Perga’s bath complex and stadium are some of the best preserved in Turkey. Public baths were inexpensive enough for all people to partake. They include a workout area, the Frigidarium (cool room) with its pool, Tepidarium (warm room), and the caldarium (hot room). Remains of the marble paneled walls and mosaic floor are still visible. An underfloor furnace heated the floors and hot water. Women typically bathed in the mornings and men in the afternoon. Many bathing facilities included libraries, theaters, massage facilities, and refreshments.