Last week, on the shores of Lake Superior, John and I oohed and awed at a spectacular light show undulating before our eyes. The aurora borealis, or northern lights, put on an extravaganza for anyone watching in clear northern latitudes. Both pictures above are spectacular, but if not for our neighbor, Jo, we would only have seen white lights dancing and flickering against the gray-black sky. 

She said the camera picks up colors not visible to the naked eye. She was right. The vibrant greens, reds, and yellows popped out in living color on my iPhone screen.

This could be a blog about going through life and missing the beauty around us. But I wasn’t exactly missing this gorgeous display. I just needed augmentation. The lights were there, but looking through a different lens changed my experience. Much like last Sunday, when I was listening to the gospel lesson I’ve heard my entire life. Pastor Rick explained it through a different lens, and colors and meanings I’d never thought of before came to life. 

So many times, I settle for black and white when reading my Bible, craving that personal perspective that a correlating verse, a pastor’s sermon, or a Bible study would reveal, illuminating God’s living Word in full Kodak color and eliciting breathtaking, mind-bending, oohs and awes praising the Creator of the Aurora Borealis.