Book two Fortunes of Death is completed–AGAIN.

For everyone so patiently asking about the second book – I have submitted it to CrossRiver Media after a lengthy rewrite–due to adding the way for Marcus (Sabina’s romantic interest) to return in book three along the path, I tightened up the plot, sparked up the ending, and fixed way too many “her eyes flew to the window” errors – eyes don’t fly, heads don’t drop, and hands don’t slap – the character does those things, not her body parts.

Authors trained in the ways of writing shouldn’t make those beginner mistakes – but I am catching many of my favorite authors slipping up as well. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Back to my point, the book has been turned in for the second time. And I thought, I deserve a break. I’ll just share this update and then kick-back. After all, I’ve been working on this for over two years.

But NO!

Book three ideas are already swirling, and I can’t shut them off. I need to write them down because they may never swirl back into my brain. So themes, characters, motives, and settings are popping up, and my note-taking and draft scene writing begins before I have cleaned up my notes/book/draft mess from last time.

Poor John – he’s been asking when he’d get his wife back– it may be a while.