Have you ever thought about writing a book?

I believe that thought has crossed many people’s minds. Some slam the door on the idea, others mull it around as it annoyingly keeps popping up, and some turn the possibility into reality by jotting down an unforgettable relationship, a life-changing tragedy, or an unresolved problem.

Many things ignite that jump into creative story writing. Life is full of inspiration, desperation, and mysteries explored through stories. All of us have tales to share, experiences only we have lived. Millions of journals and diaries are published because people want to understand and learn from what others are feeling, thinking, and doing. Stories of compassion brighten our hearts, and shocking inhumanity brings us to tears.

I love sci-fi and fantasy because the good and evil explored within the psyche of humans, elves, dragons, and aliens produces a disquiet, anxiety, or thrill that illuminates the possible without worrisome real-world consequences.

So, back to writing your book, diary, play, poem, or story for your grandchildren. Writing reveals a bit of who we are and what we care about. In this season of sharing, you might open the door to explore a few thoughts, locations, or characters that have deepened your human experience and share them with those you love.