I can't pinpoint the exact moment in my life when inspiration struck, and I knew I had to drop everything and write. Many writers say they knew they wanted to be an author the first time they picked up a pencil. My "ah-ha" moment was more of a meandering "ah-ha" journey, beginning in grade school when history grabbed me and never let go. The SRA reading cards introduced me to a variety of countries, eras, and events, planting a curiosity to learn more. I later chose books that transported me into the past and made me a participant in the lives and stories brought to life by amazing writers, The Thorn Birds, The Source, Shogun, The Pearl, Catherine, Christy, Dear and Glorious Physician, Mrs. Mike (I bawled my eyes out), Clan of the Cave Bear, Great Expectations, Little Women, and Jane Eyre. It’s impossible to remember all the books one has read over the years, but these first books are chiseled in my memory. I'm sure you have a list of magical titles, unforgettable characters, and inspiring life stories. Take a nostalgic stroll through your favorites and notice the smile they bring to your face.

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